How to Buy a Condo in New Jersey

How to Buy a Condo in New Jersey
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A condo (short for condominium) is a unit in a multi-unit development similar to an apartment. Condos are individually owned and occupied. Access to common facilities including hallways, heating system, elevators and other exterior areas are shared with the other association owners. Condos can be purchased directly from a developer or from the current condo owner. Purchasing a condo in New Jersey requires financing, a down payment and other requirements. Buying a condo in New Jersey is similar to purchasing a single family home.

Get Pre-Approved for a Loan

Consult with a mortgage lender in New Jersey to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan. The type of loan and the amount of the loan will be determined in the pre-approval process and you a price range with which to work. Most realtors will not begin working on condo listings without a pre-approval letter.

Hire a Realtor

Locate a real estate broker or realtor in New Jersey that specializes in condo sales. Interview the realtor to make sure they are knowledgeable and able to offer what they promise. Getting referrals from friends or co-workers is another way to find a trusted realtor.

Determine Your Needs

Create a search profile with the realtor. The realtor creates a search profile by inputting criteria based on preferred needs including location, number of bedrooms and other condo amenities. Listings of potential condos can quickly be sorted through and eliminated if they don't meet the established search criteria.

Browse the Available Listings

View the condo listings that meet all or most of the search profile. Realtors will arrange for home tours for you to view the condo's interior and find out more information on amenities and the terms of purchase.

Determine Your Terms

Negotiate the terms of the sale. The realtor will provide information on similar condo sale prices in the building, the terms and conditions of the sale, arrange building and unit inspections. A realtor can also negotiate the purchase price and additional conditions of the seller.

Make an Offer

The realtor will contact the owner of the condo and submit a bid for the condo. After the offer is accepted, the realtor prepares the contracts and provides additional details on the closing process.

Utilize a Real Estate Attorney

Have an attorney review all contracts before necessary parties sign. Hiring an attorney with a background in real estate contracts is recommended. After the attorney reviews all parties, sign the necessary documents. You will then be considered to be under contract.

Complete the Mortgage Process

Apply for the mortgage from the New Jersey lending institution that processed the pre-approval. A 30-day window is given in New Jersey to make a mortgage commitment. Payment of additional deposits will also be due.

Get Ready for Closing

Work with the seller, the mortgage lender, the realtor and the attorney/title agency on the closing process. Closing on the New Jersey condo occurs when all parties sign and complete the final transaction. The title and the condo is then transferred from the seller to the buyer. The payment for the condo is processed, the seller is paid and the buyer gets the keys.