How to Build a Trading Platform

How to Build a Trading Platform
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In today's high-speed trading environment, you need a trading platform that will give you real-time data with a full array of trading indicators plus integrate your trade orders directly to your broker. Unfortunately, building a platform is often expensive and if you don't know how to build a trading platform it can be very time consuming. However, the good news is that you can take a shortcut to assembling a few key resources instead of building one from is a great site to help you accomplish this task.

Visit the site Tradestation offers a comprehensive trading platform with real-time data from the stock market plus has a vast library of indicators that you can sign up for at a nominal fee. In addition, you will have the ability to build trading systems into your platform to trade.

Set up your charts according to your preferences and then save them by clicking the "file" button at the upper left-hand corner of the screen and then clicking the "Save As" button. Then give the screen a name to identify it and the platform will save that screen to your hard-drive so that each time you log-on to your platform it will automatically upload your charts.

Choose a broker that offers direct access to the trading floor through an electronic platform. Tradestation offers direct access to their own brokers or you can choose to connect your platform through to your own personal broker through direct access. Direct access will allow you to enter your buy/sell orders at the click of a button through your trading platform to go directly to the broker on the floor of the exchange.


  • Esignal is another excellent provider of both real-time data feed and has an excellent trading platform. It will also allow you to select your own broker and integrate your order flow through its system.


  • Whether you decide to select ready open-source platforms that are ready to go or custom build your own it is very important that you get a quality real-time data feed for your platform. If you're not getting timely information it will effect your ability to trade effectively as your market information is "second hand".