Bomb Appraisal Officer Salary

Bomb Appraisal Officer Salary
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A bomb appraisal officer is classified as an expert transportation security officer within the U.S. federal government's Transportation Security Administration. The TSA is part of the Department of Homeland Security, and as of 2011, employs about 50,000 workers, according to the official website. TSA employees protect transportation systems such as airports and railroads. Salaries for bomb appraisal officers vary with experience.

Job Features

The bomb appraisal officer checks items that could be explosives or a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear threat. He also responds to checkpoint alarms and contacts law enforcement or the assigned bomb squad if he determines a possible danger. When assigned, his job duties may include the prescreening of people as well as carry-on and checked baggage before boarding. With experience, these officers work independently and make most of their decisions without consulting superiors, according to the TSA website.

Pay Grade

The TSA does not use the standard general schedule grading system used by other federal agencies. Instead, the agency uses an adaption of the GS called the shared value grading system, with pay grades that differ from GS pay ranges and are identified with letters instead of numbers. SV pay grades range from A at the lowest to M at the highest. A bomb appraisal officer pay level is in the exact middle, at pay band G.

Salary Range

The salary range for pay band G is $39,358 to $60,982 per year. That translates to about $18.90 to $29.30 per hour. In comparison, the range for pay band A is $17,083 to $24,977 per year, and for pay band M $120,236 to $155,500. Only senior managers are assigned to pay band M.

Locality Pay and Benefits

Bomb appraisal officers in certain parts of the country also receive locality pay. This is supplemental payment in areas where nonfederal pay exceeds federal pay by at least 5 percent. In addition, bomb appraisal officers receive full federal government employee benefits. These benefits include a choice of health insurance programs, life insurance, long-term care insurance, 10 paid holidays per year, personal leave days, a retirement savings plan, a defined benefit retirement plan, an employee assistance program, transportation subsidies and a uniform allowance.