Arizona State Veterans Benefits for Property Taxes

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As of 2008, Arizona ranks 34th in the nation for state and local property taxes due, with the average Arizonian paying $1,043 annually. Military veterans and their widows in the state may be eligible to lower their property tax burdens.

Disabled Veterans and Widows of Veteran Exemption

According to the Arizona Constitution, as of 2010, all disabled military veterans or widows of veterans may be eligible for property tax exemption, which applies to real estate and personal property tax. Exemptions are applied first to real estate, then personal and automobile property.

Property Tax Assessment Eligibility

Eligible disabled veterans and widows of veterans in Arizona are exempt for up to $3,000 in property taxes annually if the total assessment, or amount due, does not exceed $10,000. If the disabled veteran or widow's property tax exceeds $10,000, there is no exemption awarded. When assessing a veteran or widower's total property tax for this benefit, automobile value is not taken into consideration.

Income Eligibility

According to the Arizona Department of Veteran's Services, eligible Arizona disabled veterans or widows must make less than $13,200 if there are no dependents 18 years of age or younger living in the veteran or widower's home. If there are dependents under age 18 or disabled dependents of any age living in the veteran or widower's home, the maximum eligibility income is $18,840.


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