How to Apply for Section 8 in Corpus Christi

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) uses the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program to give low-income families access to dwellings with rents at fair market rate. To help them afford these units, HUD subsidizes the portion of a household's rent that exceeds 30 to 40 percent of its combined income. You apply for Section 8 assistance using the same protocol in Corpus Christi, Texas, as you do elsewhere in the nation.

Ensure that your household income is at or below 50 percent of the median income for the Corpus Christi metropolitan area. HUD caps Section 8 eligibility at this level, which equals $25,950 for a four-person Corpus Christi household, as of 2010.

Contact the Housing Authority of Corpus Christi (HACC) at 361-889-3300. HACC administers the Section 8 program in Corpus Christi.

Ask about the status of the Section 8 program in Corpus Christi. If demand for Section 8 assistance outstrips HACC's supply of Section 8 vouchers, HACC may use a waiting list. In some instances, HACC may close its waiting list. Since program turnover varies over time, waiting list status can change frequently. Most public housing agencies do, however, use such a list.

Fill out a Section 8 application. In all likelihood, the application will get you a spot on the HACC Section 8 waiting list. When your name reaches the top of the list--or if assistance is available immediately--HACC will schedule an appointment where you will confirm the information you provided on your application. Primarily, HACC wants you to verify the identities of all household members using Social Security numbers and birth certificates. You will also need to document household income and assets using pay stubs, tax returns and bank account statements. If your application is complete and accurate, HACC will issue your family a Section 8 subsidy voucher.


  • HUD requires PHAs to distribute 75 percent of their Section 8 subsidies to families with earnings at or below 30 percent of their area's median income. In the Corpus Christi metro area, this equals $15,550 for a family of four, as of 2010.