How to Apply for Grants for Senior Citizens

Government grants can be found to benefit a host of concerns for senior citizens. The United States government appropriates millions of dollars every year to be used by citizens looking to further their education, open a business or defer other costs and expenses. A grant can be located on the government grant website where applicants can choose a grant appropriate for their needs and apply for the grant through the website.

Go to the U.S. government grant website at Choose "find grant opportunities" from the menu at the left side of the website home page.

Choose the "basic search" tab on the opportunities page. Enter a keyword in the search field on the basic search page. Choose "seniors" or "senior citizens" to find general grant opportunities; or select a more specific term for searching a particular topic for senior citizens. Click the "search" tab at the bottom-left corner of the search fields.

Choose "sort by relevance" at the top of the list of grant opportunities results to switch from most recent grant opportunities to a list most relevant to the search term you chose.

Scroll through the list of opportunities related to your search term and choose the "opportunity title" listing that matches your grant need.

Choose "application" from the menu of options at the top-right of the grant opportunity synopsis. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose "download" under the Instruction and Application field.

Print the application and read the instructions for applying for the grant. Note the Funding Opportunity Number and the Grants Officer's name and phone number.

Fill out the application and mail or fax the application for review using the contact information included with the application and instructions.