How to Apply for Section 8 or HUD in Another State

How to Apply for Section 8 or HUD in Another State
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Looking for affordable housing already is difficult with the ever-increasing cost of living, and the task can be more daunting if you have a low income and want to move to another state. Low-income housing programs such as the Housing Choice Voucher Program, also known as Section 8, and other HUD programs are available in other states. Applying is simply a matter of knowing who to contact and what information to gather.

Keep your current residence clean. This is definitely part of the application process because a housing agent may visit your current residence to determine how you and those who live with you maintain the home. An unkempt or falling apart home may negatively impact your Section 8 or HUD application.

Check up on your family members that will be moving with you. It seems strange, but Section 8 and HUD applications will be denied if they determine that the behavior of you or a family member who will live with you will negatively impact on your neighbors or the neighborhood. It's best to know prior to applying for Section 8 or HUD housing if this will be an issue so it can be remedied before you apply.

Contact a local housing agency in the state where you plan to move. Section 8 is handled at the local level, so you need to have an idea where you want to move first. The representative at the HUD office will help you start the application process for low-income housing.

Check your eligibility in the state you wish to apply for Section 8 or HUD housing. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sets requirements for families and individuals in need of low-income housing. Other eligibility factors include annual income, which varies by state, status as a U.S. citizen or legal eligible immigrant, and elderly or disability status.

Provide personal information to your Housing Agent in the state you wish to move. You must include the name of all people who will live with you in Section 8 or HUD housing along with their gender, relation to you and birth dates. You also will have to give the Housing Agent contact information for previous tenancies, as well as financial information to determine your ability to pay.

Complete the application and submit it to your local housing agency. Be certain to include all relevant information, including copies of birth certificates, income tax returns, paycheck stubs and all other forms requested by the Housing Agent. The information you include on your Section 8 or HUD application will be verified, so double check that all of your answers are accurate.


  • Contact your housing agent after a few weeks for results. Be prepared to be placed on a waiting list.


  • Conducting illegal activity is a grounds for application denial or lease termination.