Why Do Apartment Complexes Want Pay Stubs?

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When a landlord considers you as a prospective tenant, he or she has a lot at stake. Leasing a unit can create a problem if you don't pay your rent on time. To minimize that risk, a landlord can check your credit record, rental history and public court records. One thing landlords usually want is proof you can afford to pay the rent. That’s where pay stubs come in.

Verifying Income

Landlords ask to see your recent pay stubs because they provide documentation showing that you are employed and detail much money you make. Sometimes providing a pay stub isn’t possible. For example, you might have recently graduated from college and moved to a new city to start your first job. As yet, you don’t have a pay stub but you still need a place to live. Some landlords will accept a letter from your employer verifying your employment and salary. Landlords also accept quarterly tax returns from people who are self-employed and don’t get pay stubs. Other options are to pay a larger security deposit or to get a relative or friend to cosign the lease.