How to Amend a Tax Return Using TaxCut

H&R Block's TaxCut software provides users with many tax forms and guides users through completing them. If you've already submitted your taxes to the IRS and later realized you made a mistake, or if you need to change your return for any other reason, you will need to a Form 1040X for an amended return. TaxCut includes this form and will help you fill it out. You must file 1040X by mail, as the IRS does not accept this form via e-file.

Launch TaxCut on your computer and load the completed tax return that you've already filed.

Open the "File" menu and click "Save As" to make a new copy of your return so that your changes do not overwrite the original.

Click the "Take Me To" button and scroll through the list to find the "Miscellaneous" heading. Under "Miscellaneous," select "Amended Return (1040X)" and click "Go To."

Click "Whole Form," then "Print" and "Ok" to print a copy of Form 1040X to help find the changes you need to make.

Press "Interview," then "Take Me To," and select the area of your return that you need to modify. Make any necessary changes, then repeat for each other section of your return.

Return to Form 1040X and fill in Column A with the data on your original return. You can find this information in Column C of the printout made earlier.

Click "Print" after filling in all the data. Click "Print for Filing" and "Ok" to print the final copy of your 1040X.

Open the "Help" menu and click "IRS Instructions," then "Forms," "Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return" and finally "General Instructions." Scroll down to "Where to File" to learn where to mail your 1040X.

Put the final copy of Form 1040X in an envelope. Put the correct amount of postage on the envelope, address it to the IRS address provided by TaxCut, and mail it.