How to Adjust Social Security Withholding

The Internal Revenue Service does not require that the Social Security Administration (SSA) withhold taxes from the benefits you receive. You can ask the administration to withhold taxes to offset other earnings you may have from other sources such as a private retirement plan or pension. The administration withholds a percentage of your total monthly benefit not a flat dollar amount after receiving your request. You should file a yearly tax return if you meet the income requirements for your age and filing status or you think you will receive a refund.

Download Form W-4V from the IRS. This voluntary withholding request enables the SSA to withhold taxes from your monthly benefit.

Fill in your name, Social Security number and address. Check the percentage of your benefit you want withheld on Line 6. Available percentages range from 7 to 25 percent. Sign and date your form.

Mail or take your form to the Social Security office that services your area. You can use the Social Security Office Locator to find your local office's address by entering your Zip code in the search box.


  • You can use Form W-4V to request that the administration cease tax withholding from your benefit by checking the box on Line 7 of the form.


  • Increasing your withholding decreases the amount of your monthly benefit.