How to Add Up VA Disability

by Kayla Lowe ; Updated July 27, 2017

Disabled veterans are sometimes eligible to receive disability compensation or a pension from the Veterans Affairs (VA). VA disability compensation is awarded to veterans whose disabilities were caused by or made worse while serving in the military, whereas VA disability pension is awarded to low income veterans whose disabilities prevent them from gainful employment, even if those disabilities were not caused or worsened by military service. If you’ve received an award letter granting you either types of VA disability and want to add up how much VA disability you’ll be receiving each month, you can do so by simply referring to the VA disability benefits rate tables.

Step 1

Find out at what percentage the VA rates your disability. Your disability rating is listed on the VA disability award letter that you received in the mail.

Step 2

Pull up the VA disability benefits rate tables by logging onto the Department of Veterans Affairs website. Select "Veterans Services" then click on "Disability Compensation" under the "Benefits & Services" section. Select "How Much Does VA Pay?" then click on "Compensation Rate Tables." Select the table for the most current year and your type of disability (compensation or pension) to view the monthly benefits.

Step 3

Locate your VA disability percentage rating in the tables then find the row that describes your status (e.g., veteran alone, veteran with spouse only). Where the VA disability percentage rating and the veteran status meet is the amount you will receive in VA disability benefits each month.


  • Veterans with dependents receive more in monthly benefits than veterans alone.


  • You cannot receive VA disability if you were discharged from the military under dishonorable conditions.

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