How to Add a Name to a Rental Lease

How to Add a Name to a Rental Lease
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To make rent more affordable, tenants often decide to get a roommate. Sometimes tenants may even prefer having their significant other or relative living with them. Whatever the case may be, a tenant who wishes to add a name to their rental lease has to work with his/her landlord to legally add a new tenant to the lease.

Notify your landlord of your intention to add a new tenant to your lease. Once the landlord is notified, he will began to assemble the necessary paperwork to add a new tenant to your lease.

Have your prospective roommate sign a rental application and pay any application fee. Once the new tenant has signed the application and paid the application fee, the landlord will run a background check, verifying employment, compensation and rental history.

Once your landlord has approved adding another tenant, the both of you will fill out another leasing application. This is primarily for legal purposes on the landlord's part; it establishes that both you and your co-tenant are equally liable to pay rent and and any future damages.

Have your co-tenant complete the move-in inspection form and submit it to your landlord. This states the property's current condition prior to your roommate moving in and gives further security to the landlord. The landlord keeps this form and will use it to determine if you and your co-tenant deserve a security deposit refund.

Have the co-tenant to pay a security deposit assigned by the landlord. Once the security deposit is paid, the landlord will process the leasing application and your co-tenant will officially be added to your lease.


  • Always be a good tenant. Being a good tenant could result in your landlord waiving the application fees and security deposits to add a co-tenant.


  • Never allow anyone to live with you without being on your lease. This could result in you being evicted for violating your leasing agreement.