How to Add a Name to the Deed of a House That Is Not Paid For

You don't have to refinance a mortgage loan in order to modify the existing deed and add someone's name to the title. It's common for property owners to make changes to a mortgage deed. The owner may marry and wish to add his new spouse to the title; or a parent may want to share ownership with a child. By adding someone's name to a deed, this person becomes a co-owner and is able to make decisions regarding the property.

Schedule a meeting with a title company or real estate attorney to add someone's name to the deed. Mention that you're interested in modifying your existing deed. There is a fee for changing and recording a new deed. Inquire about the fee.

Fill out a quitclaim deed. The title company or attorney will ask you to complete a quitclaim deed, which is necessary for modifying existing mortgage deeds. The quitclaim deed will ask for the property address, description of the property and the legal name of the person you're adding to the deed.

Complete an affidavit, if necessary. If updating a mortgage deed to list a spouse's name, provide a written statement confirming that you are married to this individual.

Record the changes with the county record's office. The title company or attorney used to make your changes will file the new deed with the city and send a copy of the new deed to your mortgage company.


  • Read your mortgage loan agreement carefully before modifying the deed. Some lenders include a clause that only permits modifying a deed and adding someone's name if the owner refinances the loan.