How to Compare Infrared Saunas

by Sara Clement ; Updated July 18, 2017
A little research can insure optimal benifits when considering far infrared saunas

Comparing infrared saunas can seem daunting with so many conflicting advertisements and promotions to be found. Understanding a few simple principals of far infrared benefits can increase your confidence when trying to determine which infrared sauna is the best choice for your personal needs. If you wish to utilize the healing benefits of far infrared saunas, it is best to first consult with your health practitioner to insure personal safety before exposure to high heat levels.

Comparing Far Infrared Saunas

Step 1

Evaluate emission amounts of infrared light. Most infrared saunas emit between 10 percent and 50 percent far infrared heat, but 90 percent is ideal for optimum therapeutic benefits.

Step 2

Compare heating panels by assessing the materials used. Some panels may have toxic chemicals that are released during the heating process. Some panels may not be energy efficient which can drive heating costs up. Ceramic or carbon-sealed panels tend to have more ideal wavelengths and emissions.

Step 3

Consider pricing. Most experts agree that some far infrared light is better than none. Price may be an important factor in your selection of saunas. In general, higher cost may indicate better quality.

Step 4

Use a pad of paper and pen to assess pros and cons of each sauna you are considering. Include size, indoor or outdoor location, pricing, infrared light emitted, heat adjustment, panel materials, aesthetics, and comfort. Choose the one that best fits your personal needs.


  • Drinking an electrolyte replacement water or sports drink is strongly recommended before and after sauna use (See Reference 1 and 2). Hot yoga or Bikram yoga studios utilize far infrared heating as well and may be a great alternative to a home sauna should cost be prohibitive.


  • Like all professional equipment, you may put yourself at risk if you do not fully understand how to use any sauna.

    Be certain to consult with your physician before using an infrared sauna.


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