How to Sell a Timeshare Quickly

A timeshare is a large investment. If you own one, you might at some point want to cash in on your investment and use the money for more urgent financial matters. If you're in dire straits, you'll need to get your timeshare off your hands as fast as possible. Here are many different ways to offload a timeshare.

Sell the timeshare on your own. Sign up for the services of a website like Sell My Timeshare Now. This site allows you to list your property according to location, so buyers who are interested can contact you. Many allow you to post descriptions and pictures of the timeshare. If they do, be sure to include them as it will help your sale.

Price the timeshare correctly. If you want to sell a timeshare quickly, you may have to accept making less profit than you expected, or even take a loss. Timeshares in areas that are in high demand like the Caribbean may sell more easily at a good price.

Agree to make partial payments on your timeshare to make the purchase more enticing for a buyer. You can lower the price of your timeshare by helping the buyer with the costs just to get the timeshare off your hands. Be sure you create a contract that stipulates how long you will do this. Making smaller payments is better than making the large payments you currently make.

Have all the property information available to buyers immediately. If you want to sell fast, do yourself a world of good by putting together a timeshare information sheet for potential buyers. Include things like timeshare costs, insurance and other fees. Potential buyers also want to know how close a timeshare is to popular locations like beaches and shopping.

Consult the property managers of the timeshare you own. Many popular timeshares are sold or booked up. Property managers may know of people on waiting lists wanting to buy.

Hire a broker to sell your timeshare for you. Many people either do not have the time or the expertise to offload a condo quickly. For a percentage of your profits a broker will be able to sell your property for you. Find a timeshare broker in the area where the timeshare is located.