How to Get a Name Off of a Deed

Deeds document the ownership of a piece of property. Over time, property can be bought and sold many times. When a deed is executed as a sales contract, it is filed on record with the proper county. The most current deed filed should state the names of the current owners of the property. Names can be added to or removed from a deed by the property owners at any time using a quitclaim deed.

Research the county records for the most recent deed recorded on the property. This can be done at the county clerk, or recorder of deeds, office. Some counties also provide an online database with deed information.

Contact an attorney to prepare a quitclaim deed. The deed should list the grantors as the current owners, and the grantees as everyone who is to remain on the deed.

Review the completed quitclaim deed for accuracy. Make sure all names and addresses are spelled correctly. Double-check that the name to be removed from the deed does not appear as a grantee.

Sign the deed in the presence of a notary public. Generally, only the grantors sign the deed. In some instances, the grantees will need to sign. Your attorney can advise you about this situation.

Submit the deed to the county clerk or register of deeds to be recorded. Once the deed is filed, obtain a certified copy for your personal records.


  • It may not be necessary to hire an attorney to prepare a quitclaim deed. A number of legal websites offer quitclaim deed templates to purchase or download. Additionally, the county clerk or recorder may be able to provide a template that meets county recording standards


  • Because the person coming off of the deed will need to sign as a grantor, he must be willing to do so. If the situation involves a divorce or business partnership problem, the person may be reluctant to sign away his interest in the property. In this situation, legal action may be necessary.