How to Make a Not at Fault Car Accident Claim

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When you have a car accident that is not your fault, don't depend on the other driver to “do the right thing.” The right thing for the other driver to do is call his insurance company and report the accident, admitting that he is at fault. This does not always happen, since at-fault accidents can cause the other driver's premiums to increase. For this reason, you must be proactive after the accident by reporting the incident yourself.

Call the police to the scene. By doing so, you can get a police report that proves the accident is not your fault. Insurance companies often determine who is at fault based on the documentation of law enforcement authorities.

Request the insurance policy number from the person who is at fault. Get the name of his insurance company and the telephone number. You should also request his first and last name, license plate number and driver's license number.

Contact the insurance company that insures the other vehicle. Request to speak with a representative in the claims department.

Advise the claims representative that you would like to make a claim against one of the company's clients. Provide all of the information from Step 1. Include the details of the accident, such as where you were hit, how you were hit and the names of any witnesses. Include the police report number. If you received injuries, even minor abrasions and contusions, report the injury to the claims representative. If you are in pain, advise the claims representative of the pain location.

Wait to receive a claim number for your claim. You can use the claim number to check on your claim in the future.

Ask your own insurance company to call and make the claim for you if you don't want to do it on your own. Provide all of the information from Step 1 and the details of the accident, including your injuries. Your insurance company will handle the claim from start to finish.


  • If the person who is at fault is uninsured, you can use your “uninsured motorists” coverage. To use uninsured motorists coverage, contact your own insurance company.


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