How to Deduct Mileage on Schedule E

If you use a vehicle for business use related to your rental property activities, you can deduct the expense on IRS Schedule E, Supplemental Income and Loss. When you first use the vehicle for business, you must keep a mileage log to separate company miles from personal use. Each time you drive the car for rental activity purposes, note your beginning and ending mileage and list the address and business reason of your trip.

Calculate the total number of miles driven that are business related. You can’t take a deduction for personal use miles.

Multiply your business miles by the mileage rate. As of 2010, the rate is 50 cents per mile; however the rate changes on an annual basis. The result is your allowed deduction for mileage.

Calculate the cost of your business-related parking and tolls expense. Add the result to your mileage deduction. This is the total amount you can claim for mileage expense. You can’t claim additional vehicle expenses when you use a standard mileage deduction.

Record your total business mileage deduction on line 6 of IRS Schedule E.