How to Apply for Abatement of Property Taxes

How to Apply for Abatement of Property Taxes
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People apply for property tax abatement for various reasons, including the owner's death or severe hardship. While the specifics of the abatement process will vary from municipality to municipality, the general application procedure is the same. Upon review by the tax assessor or city council, the tax bill stays the same, is reduced or eliminated altogether.

Contact your local tax assessor or town hall to determine the procedure for the abatement application. Certain municipalities require that abatements be filed at a specific time of year. Prepare your case and apply during that window.

Fill out an abatement application. Depending on how large the town is, the abatement form may be available online or you may have to go to the town or city hall to get it in person. Information that will be required may include items such as your name, property address, the amount owed, any additional charges or penalties, and the reason you are applying for the abatement.

Submit the application for abatement to the proper board or council. Again, this will vary by municipality. If you have evidence to support a hardship qualification, include that with the application as well.

Follow up on your application. Certain municipalities will allow you to speak on your behalf at the city or town meeting where the decision is being made. While usually not required, it may help to explain your circumstances in person. If you have any additional documentation that you did not previously submit, you may also ask to add it as an addendum to your abatement request.

Receive the decision from the board on your abatement application. If you disagree with the ruling, you can file for the appeal process. However, this process will vary by municipality.