How to Write a Letter to an Honors College

by Colby Stream

Much like a job application, you may need to submit a cover letter to an honors college when applying for admittance or a scholarship. Each school's honors college has its own specific guidelines you must follow, but beyond these you are on your own. There are, however, some other basic guidelines that you can follow in developing the most intelligent, professional letter possible.

Address the letter to the appropriate person. In many cases, this is the dean of the college. The address should include the person's information in the top left corner of the page in business letter format just below your information. Both pieces of information should include the person's name, a physical address, office number, phone number and email address.

Separate each block of information by two returns. Your block of information should be above the information of the person to whom you are addressing the letter. Leave two more returns between the last block of text and your salutation.

Describe your academic work and the goals that you hope to achieve with the college. Separate each paragraph by two returns. Do not indent paragraphs.

Discuss any other information pertinent to the letter. For example, if you're writing a scholarship letter you might need to address financial need. If you're writing an application letter you might need to answer questions provided in the application paperwork.

End the letter with the word "Sincerely" two returns below the final paragraph. Leave three or four returns between this and type your name. Print off the letter and sign your name in the space between "Sincerely" and your typed name.

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