How to Wire Money to Kenya

How to Wire Money to Kenya
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Sending money from one country to another is now a very simple and convenient process. Money can be wired through various transfer services like Western Union or MoneyGram. When wiring money to Kenya, senders can use the previously listed services, and additional services such as Paypal or their bank.

Decide how much money will be sent. The amount of money sent will determine the processing fees charged. If sending via Western Union, the maximum amount that can be received in Kenya is USD $10,000 or the equivalent in Kenyan shillings. If sending from the United States and via a bank, be aware that any transaction amount over USD $10,000 will be reported to federal authorities.

Find the location of a money wire service. Although Western Union, Paypal and most big banks allow you to wire money using the Internet, MoneyGram requires all wires to be made from an agent's office. If you choose to wire money in person, a visit to the transfer company's website will help you find the nearest location. If you opt to send a wire transfer from your bank instead of using Internet banking, simply visit your bank to complete the transaction.

Visit a money transfer office and fill out the necessary form. When using MoneyGram, a Send Form must be completed. Include your name, the recipient's name and their address, the amount to be sent and a 10-word message. The message is for security purposes and the intended recipient will be asked a question based on the message. If answered correctly, the recipient will collect the money. At Western Union, the send form requires your name, the recipient's name and address, the amount to be sent and a test question and answer. The test question and answer are a security protocol to ensure that only the intended recipient can collect the money. If wiring from your bank, you will need to fill out a wire transfer form and include the recipient's name, the name of his bank, branch code and account number.

Give the completed send form to the teller with the money to be transferred. If sending from a bank, the money to be transferred can be in the form of cash or a check. A processing fee will be charged and the teller will tell you how much it costs. To complete the transaction, present a valid form of personal identification and pay the teller.

Receive a reference number from MoneyGram or the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from Western Union. These numbers will help you track your transfer and will be used by the recipient to collect her money. At the bank, you will be given a confirmation number for the transfer. Contact the recipient directly to confirm receipt of the funds.


  • Do not send money to people you do not know to avoid getting scammed.