What Is a Good Fico Credit Score?

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Your FICO credit score compiles all the information a credit bureau has about how you've managed your debts in the past and translates it into a number between 300 and 850. The higher your score, the more creditworthy you appear to a lender. According to Zillow, lenders view scores between 720 and 760 as "good."

Credit Scores Have Different Ranges

Different credit scores have different scoring ranges, so while an 800 might be a fantastic FICO score, it might not be so great on a different scoring scale. In addition, even within FICO scores, according to CNN Money, there are 49 different FICO scores, depending on what type of credit you're applying for and which credit score the lender orders. For example, a bank vetting you for a car loan could receive a different FICO score than a bank considering issuing you a mortgage. Or, if you apply for a mortgage at different banks and one requests your basic FICO score and the other requests a mortgage-specific credit score, each lender could have a different score.