What Is a Defensive Driving Course?

by Grace Covelli

A defensive-driving course is a review of safe driving with emphasis placed on avoiding crashes and driving during hazardous conditions. When you take a defensive-driving course you may earn recognition as a safe driver and a discount from your auto-insurance company. For many reasons, a defensive-driving course is valuable for any driver.


A defensive-driving course generally takes six to eight hours to complete.


You can take a defensive-driving course online or at a local driving school, college, or other establishment.

Teaching Methods

Classroom courses are generally taught by instructors with the help of videos.


Besides learning techniques for safer driving, you may receive a discount from your automobile insurance company, based on points and the state you live in, or receive a ticket-dismissal privilege you can use in court to prevent a recent infraction from appearing on your driver's license.


You must take a test at the end of the course, and you can take the test again if you fail.


After you finish your defensive-driving course, a certificate of completion is mailed to you to present to your insurance company for a safe-driver discount or to use as a traffic-ticket dismissal.

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