How to Get on Welfare in Minnesota

Minnesota offers several welfare programs, including food stamps and cash assistance for both individuals and families. All benefit applicants fill out the same form, and a county caseworker determines whether you and your family qualify for aid.

Download a "Combined Application Form" and an "Instructions for Completing the Combined Application," Form DHS-2989, from the Minnesota Department of Human Service's website. If you care unable to download these documents, contact your county human service agency and request them.

Gather the documents and records you need to fill out the application. Form-2989 lists the documentation needed for each program (see References).

Fill out the Combined Application Form and sign it. If there are other adults in your household who are also applying for benefits, they may also need to sign the form.

Bring or mail the form to your county human services office so that they can schedule you for an interview. If you can't come to the office for an interview, a caseworker may interview you by phone. You cannot apply for benefits online.

Attend your interview and be sure to bring any requested documentation with you. You'll be informed of the caseworker's decision soon and, if approved, can start receiving benefits.


  • Be sure to open all mail from the human services department: If you miss an interview or fail to submit forms or documentation, the department may decline your application or suspend your benefits.