Ways to Make Quick Cash in a Day

Running short of funds can be stressful and frustrating. Making extra money and getting paid the same day can add extra cash to your bank account. You can earn cash quick by having a garage sale--one person’s trash is another person's treasure. Think of simple services you can offer to friends, families and neighbors. You could also donate plasma or even work at a temporary agency to gain quick funds when cash is needed. You can think creatively and outside the box to generate quick cash.

Sell Items

Have a garage or yard sale. Remember to price items low enough for quick and easy sales. Place a sign at the garage sale stating all items must go, and that prices are negotiable. Place colorful posters throughout the neighborhood. Make signs simple--use large lettering, neon poster boards and black marker. You can also put items for sale online using websites such as craigslist.com or in other local community forums. Hang "for sale" signs on cork boards at grocery stores and gas stations. You can also take used clothing and other items, in good to new condition, to be sold by local consignment shops or pawn shops.

Offer Your Services

You can also earn quick cash through offering services such as walking a dog, babysitting, painting or doing yard work. Make fliers and pass them around your neighborhood; offer a one-day-only special pricing. For example, “Mowing and Yard Work, $10/hour --Thursday only.” Call your friends and ask them to spread the word on your services. Offer different services on the Internet; ask to be paid via online banking systems such as Paypal. You can also market services such as writing, drawing or creating digital graphics using message boards or websites specializing freelance work. Always request small deposits prior to starting any project with someone you do not know.

Donate Plasma

Donate plasma at a local plasma collection center. Plasma, a part of blood, is removed from the body using an IV method. The plasma is separated from the blood and the blood is then returned to the body. A person must be older than 18 to donate, with the process taking about an hour. Donors get payment at the end of the donation session. Most large cities have plasma centers.

Temporary Employment

Apply for work at a temporary employment or day labor job agency. Jobs offered vary from construction work to light clerical positions. Some agencies require testing and applications to be filled out. Make sure to understand when you will be paid and if it is by cash or check.