How to Verify a Certificate of Occupancy in New York City

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A Certificate of Occupancy verifies the habitability of a building. It also describes the building's maximum capacity and sanctioned use. Additionally, a certificate includes information about building safety issues or violations. To sell a New York City building, the seller must obtain the official Certificate of Occupancy as part of the paperwork. These certificates are available for public viewing, so anyone is able to verify one online.

Verify the building's exact address, including the borough.

Visit the government-run website for the NYC Department of Buildings.


Type in the building's address under the box entitled "Search by Property." Click "Go" to see the results.


Click the "View Certificates of Occupancy" link in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on the PDF file to view the virtual certificate.



  • Buildings that were constructed before 1938 might not have a Certificate of Occupancy.