How to Use Your Home Computer to Make Extra Money

If you have a computer with Internet access, you have the ability to make money from home. You will find plenty of legitimate jobs and opportunities available if you know the right place to look. Once you find something that interests you, you can choose to earn part-time income or earn a full-time wage.

Take inventory of your unwanted items and begin auctioning them off at an online auction site. If you want to make a full-time income utilizing online auctions, you will need to either find a wholesale supplier, or find unique or popular items at thrift stores and yard sales. Flea markets are another great place to find discounted items to sell at online auctions.

Apply for data entry jobs if you have typing skills. Companies hire individuals to complete data entry projects at home. All you need to have is a computer with Internet access.

Start a blog. Turn your favorite passion in to a blog and earn money by placing ads on the blog. You can add Google Adsense ads to the blog and whenever anyone clicks on the ad, you earn a few cents. Once you reach $100, as of 2010, Google will send you a check.

Start writing. Writing articles is a great way to earn money utilizing your computer. Many companies offer to pay you per article, while others pay per page view. Some companies even offer you both options. You can spend an hour a day earning a little bit from writing, or you can make it a full-time job and write for eight hours each day.

Apply for a job as a search engine evaluator. Companies like Leapforce pay freelancers to evaluate websites and webpages. This type of job can be done from a home computer, but you will need to pass a test before you are hired. You will be given a manual to study from. A test will then be scheduled for you to take from your home computer.