How to Transfer Money to an Australian Bank

According to and, the most secure and effective method of transferring money to an Australian bank is through bank wire transfer. The transfer procedure is easy, as you simply provide your bank with some information about the recipient’s bank account. The transfer fee varies from bank to bank. For instance, Barclays charges 35 GBP, while Bank of America costs $35 for the transfer fee. The exchange rates of banks vary on a daily basis, so you will have to check with your bank.

Contact the recipient in Australia and find out his full name as it appears on his bank statement, Australian bank BSB (branch number), account number and the bank’s SWIFT code (an international system of bank identification–it can be obtained from the recipient’s bank. For instance, ANZ’s SWIFT code is ANZBAU3M)

Visit your bank branch and tell the bank representative that you want to wire money to an Australian bank account. The bank representative will give you a form to fill out.

Enter all the required information in the form. The form will ask for all the information that you gathered in Step 1, along with your own bank account number. Note the amount you want to transfer from your bank to the Australian bank.

Give the form back and collect the receipt. Ask the bank how long it will take for the funds to get there. You can then inform the recipient that the money is on its way.