How to Transfer Money From Australia to the USA

How to Transfer Money From Australia to the USA
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Sending money overseas is more complex than sending it domestically. There are international transfer fees, among other factors, to consider. The recipient in the United States might only be able to get the money in U.S. dollars, so you need to take currency conversion rates into account. There are also several different institutions that offer various ways of sending money. They charge different fees and apply different exchange rates. Choose wisely to maximize the value of your Australian dollars.

Compare fees and exchange rates of different institutions that send money internationally. You can contact banks or money transfer companies for quotes. Australia's four big banks all allow international money transfer to the United States via Internet banking and at the branch. If you are not an account holder at a bank, you might have to pay a higher fee. Choose a reliable institution that offers low rates and fees.

Collect the recipient details you will need to send the money. For example, a bank would need the recipient's bank account details, while an online money transfer service may request the recipient's email address.

Contact the institution you choose to send the money via telephone, Internet or by visiting the office. Follow the instructions to arrange an international money transfer. Keep a proof of money transfer for your record.


  • If you are not in a hurry, you can wait until the exchange rates are more favorable. If Australian dollar gets stronger and the U.S. dollar gets weaker, your recipient can get more U.S. dollars out of the same amount of Australian dollars. As of June 2010, AU$1 is approximately US$0.87.