How to Throw a Coupon Party

How to Throw a Coupon Party
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Coupon users save an average of 7 percent on their grocery bills each year, according to a report released by the Promotional Marketing Association Coupon Council in September 2008. Throwing a coupon party gives your guests a chance to trade coupons and learn how to maximize their savings on food, cosmetics, toiletries, paper goods and other products. It also gives you an opportunity to spend time with friends and family members in a relaxed, informal setting.

Set a date for the party after consulting with friends and family members to determine the best date and time. Mail the invitations three to four weeks in advance. This gives invitees enough of a warning without giving them so much lead time that they forget about the party.

Schedule a speaker to teach party guests how to use coupons effectively. If one of the party guests has extensive experience using coupons, invite her to lead the group. If no one in the group has coupon experience, invite a speaker from your church or local community center to share her tricks of the trade.

Instruct confirmed attendees to collect coupons from friends, family members, newspapers, recycling centers, coupon clipping services and store advertisements. Having a variety of coupons available gives everyone a chance to take home coupons for their favorite products.

Prepare the party venue for guests by cleaning it thoroughly, ensuring that you have enough seating available and stocking up on napkins, cups, plates, plastic utensils and other party supplies. You'll also want to have enough scissors for cutting and envelopes to store clipped coupons. Have bandaids on hand for paper cuts as well. You can make or purchase finger foods to give attendees the opportunity to eat without having to stop trading coupons and talking with each other.

Greet guests as they arrive and give them an opportunity to get comfortable. Introduce the speaker by stating her name and credentials. After the speaker shares tips for saving money and finding the best deals, allow guests to ask questions to enhance their understanding of the material.

Allow guests to trade coupons for the duration of the event. Trading with each other allows attendees to give away coupons they do not use and stock up on coupons for products they use regularly.


  • If your scheduled speaker charges a fee, ask guests to pay an entrance fee to help defray the cost.

    Call guests a day or two before the party and remind them to bring their coupons to the event.

    Inexpensive coupon organizers in bright colors and patterns make practical party favors.