Are There Benefits for Me if My Husband Is a 70% Disabled Veteran?

The U.S. Military does not provide direct benefits for you as a spouse if your husband is disabled as a result of his military service -- even if he's 70 percent disabled. You do benefit indirectly from your husband's disability payments in the form of increased monthly benefits because of your marriage. This allows you more financial flexibility in paying the bills while your husband attempts to recover.

Financial Compensation

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides financial compensation for a service member who has a disability as the result of his military career. Your husband receives a larger monthly disability payment from the government to assist in meeting the family's financial obligations of the family. According to, a 70 percent disabled veteran with a spouse receives $1,333 per month in disability compensation from Veteran's Affairs. This is compared to the $1,228 per month for an unmarried veteran.

Mileage Compensation

Your husband receives mileage compensation from the government if he needs to travel for medically related reasons, including physical therapy or a disability-related medical procedure. This money is meant to help you and your husband pay for gas and other travel expenses. It's reasonable to assume you'll be doing most of the driving and coordinating travel if your husband is a 70 percent disabled veteran. According to, the reimbursement rate for travel for medical treatment is 41 cents per mile. Reimbursement caps at $18 per month.

Special Monthly Compensation

Your husband may receive additional monthly compensation from Veteran's Affairs if he suffered significant injuries including the loss of a limb, hand, foot, loss of sight, paralysis, loss of organs or the ability to speak while in the Armed Forces. The amount of this additional payment varies depending on your husband's level of functionality. This money is intended to provide a higher degree of income replacement for your household as well as provide you with financial assistance in obtaining in-home care for your husband if he is home bound and unable to work.

Applying For Benefits

You and your husband must complete VA Form 21-526, Veterans Application for Compensation Or Pension, to apply for disability benefits. A copy of your marriage must accompany the completed form or your application may not receive approval. Copies of hospital and doctor records must also accompany the application. These records enable the Veteran's Affairs department to determine the percentage of your husband's disability. Your husband may need to take a physical administered by a VA physician to determine the extent of disabling injuries.


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