How to Tell How Much Money Per Semester Is Awarded for Financial Aid

by Leyla Norman ; Updated July 27, 2017

Each year, your financial award package will likely differ. If you receive the Pell Grant one year, it may be reduced or increased the next year, for example, depending on the cost of attendance of your school, your income and other factors. To find out how much money you will receive from your financial aid package each semester, stay in contact with the grantors and your school’s financial aid department.

Step 1

Contact your school’s financial aid department. The financial aid advisors should be able to tell you how much money to expect each semester close to when the semester is to begin. Money for each student’s financial aid will reach the school at different times, so call the department to find out when you can expect all of your financial aid to arrive in your account. Then call after that date to find out how much money in aid you can expect for each semester of the academic year. Check your student account on the school’s website if your school cannot tell you amounts of your financial aid over the phone.

Step 2

Look on the school’s website to see if it lists how much financial aid you can expect from sources like the federal government. The Borough of Manhattan Community College, for example, lists a by-semester table that indicates how much money you can expect for your Pell Grant based on your Estimated Family Contribution from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Step 3

Read through the scholarship application or award material you received from each organization that granted you a scholarship. Repeat the process for organizations that awarded you a grant. Information on the amount of the scholarship/grant you received or could receive should be available in either of these types of material. The material may list how much money you can expect each semester as well.

Step 4

Call the granting organization to find out how much money the scholarship or grant is worth each semester.

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