How to Sue a Credit Card Company

How to Sue a Credit Card Company. Credit cards are useful during emergencies. Unfortunately, some credit card companies practice unfair methods, which can leave you owing thousands of dollars. Yet, there are different ways to dispute unfair credit charges and successfully sue a credit card company.

Attempt to resolve the problem without the courts. Suing a credit card company is costly for both parties. Before seeking legal action, contact the creditor to negotiate a deal. Be calm, but firm.

Visit the Federal Trade Commission website. There are laws to protect you from unscrupulous credit card companies. Go to the FTC's official website and learn your rights as a consumer.

Find a qualified attorney. Although lawyers are skilled to handle a variety of law cases, it's best to choose an attorney who knows how to sue a credit card company.

Keep accurate records and retain credit card statements. It isn't easy to sue a credit card company. Lawyers and judges request a lot of information. Save all documents. This includes e-mails, print correspondences, statements and collection letters.

Arrange for the credit card company to pay your attorney and court fees. If you win the case against the credit card company, make the creditor responsible for your out-of-pocket expenses.


  • Don't represent yourself in court. Credit card companies employ expert attorneys. Don't come to court empty-handed. Bring all necessary documents, which can help prove that the credit card company is wrong.