Student ID Benefits

by Sean Russell
There are several benefits to students and schools to using Student ID

Getting your student identification can, at best, seem like a hassle and, at worst, seem like an infringement on the right to privacy. Student I.D. cards are now being issued to students on every level of academic coursework from grade school to college. While a student identification card may seem like a waste of time or taxpayer's money, there are several advantages to students and to administrators to providing students with permanent ID.


One clear advantage of student identification is an increased level of security for students, faculty and property. On University campuses, the quality of many student services, including wireless Internet service or student shuttles, could be diminished by a flood of non-student users. Having a student ID, usually a plastic photo identification card with a magnetic strip or chip provides an easy way to ensure that student services are reserved for students only. In public elementary and secondary schools, student identification cards can be used to screen for intruders and provide school security with information on a student who is lost or has been injured.


Many companies understand the cost burden of schooling and as a result offer reduced prices to students. For students, this means a student identification card can translate into discounts. Movie theater chains such as Regal and AMC Entertainment offer discounts to students with a valid student ID. Many restaurants in areas with colleges or schools offer student discounts on their meals or drinks for students with valid student identification. Dell and Apple computers also offer discounts to students with valid Identification, along with many car insurance companies and theme parks.

Flex Accounts

While not in wide use at public schools, flex accounts have become popular in universities across the United States. These accounts are linked to the student's identification card and allow the student to store money on the card like a pre-paid credit card. This allows the student to keep his wallet, cash and ATM cards in a safe place while on campus; using only his ID card to pay for on-campus needs such as food, school supplies and school books. This feature also gives parents who provide their children with money for school a greater ability to control where and how the money is spent. By loading the money on a flex account linked to the student ID card, parents can ensure the money is spent on-campus.

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