How to Start a Bank Account in Las Vegas

Starting, or what is more commonly described as "opening," a bank account in Las Vegas is no different than starting an account in any other U.S. location. There are many different types of accounts you can open, such as regular checking, student checking, senior citizen checking and savings. After deciding the type of account you wish to open, compare the rates, fees, and customer incentives that are offered at different Vegas banks. This will ensure that you partner with the best bank for your financial needs.

Open a Las Vegas bank account online. Not all of the Las Vegas banks provide the option to open a new account online. A few that do allow this option are: Nevada State Bank, Ally Bank, Bank of the West, BB&T, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Upon completing the online application, you usually receive immediate notification if your account is approved. You will then be able to submit a deposit to your account. The methods to submit a deposit varies by bank. You may be be required to mail signed paperwork to the bank.

Visit a Las Vegas bank in person to open an account. Be sure to take photo identification and a sufficient deposit. Bank of Las Vegas and Bank Of Nevada, in addition to the banks mentioned in Step one, are a few banks you can use for “in person” account openings.

Visit a Las Vegas credit union to open a bank account. The benefit of using a credit union is that it is member-owned. This results in more benefits and lower interest rates than traditional banks. Some of the credit unions in Vegas are First Entertainment Credit Union, Nevada Federal Credit Union, America First Credit Union and West Star Credit Union.