When Does Short Term Disability Start?

Some individuals are unable to work due for a short period due to non work-related illnesses and injuries. These individuals are considered temporarily disabled. Short-term disability insurance gives a covered individual disability payments while he is off from work due to illness or injury.

Receiving Benefits

Individuals can receive disability payments within 0 and 14 days after the disability, according to Insure.com. Individuals typically receive disability payments immediately for injuries, but it may take longer to receive payments for illnesses. Illnesses must be proven to be disabling before an individual is approved for short-term disability.

Disability Benefit Amount

According to Insure.com, an individual receiving short-term disability payments generally receives 40 to 65 percent of his predisability salary.


Time Frame

Short-term disability insurance doesn’t pay individuals on a long-term basis. According to Insure.com, individuals are permitted to receive short-term disability payments for up to two years, but most individuals receive benefits between three and six months.



Employees are not guaranteed short-term disability insurance from an employer. Employees eligible for short-term disability insurance typically pay a premium, but in some cases, the employer pays the premium as an added bonus for employees.