How to Set Up Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a section of the widely popular Yahoo search engine. According to, it is the most popular and visited financial information website. It provides its visitors with information about stock quotes, exchange rates, press releases, financial reports and personal finance. It also allows visitors to create personal portfolios to monitor spending, investments and stock prices. Setting up your Yahoo Finance portfolio is simple and only requires a ID.


Open an Internet browser and navigate to

Hover over the "My Portfolios" tab and click "Sign in to create/edit My Portfolios."

Sign in using your Yahoo ID. If you do not have a Yahoo ID, click "Sign up for Yahoo" and follow the steps to create an account.

Click "Create new portfolio."

Select the link that best matches your needs for tracking your portfolio.

"Track a symbol watch list"

Enter a name for your portfolio.

Select the currency.

Enter the ticker symbols you wish to track. If you do not know the particular symbols, click the ""look up symbol" link.

Click "Finished" when you are done.

"Track your transaction history"

Enter a portfolio name.

Choose portfolio currency.

Choose your display options and click "Continue."

Enter portfolio transactions to track buys, sales and other financial activity in your account. Click "Save" to record any new entries or "Save and create another" to continue entering transactions.

"Track your current holdings"

Enter a portfolio name.

Choose portfolio currency.

Enter the ticker symbols you want to track.

Select the information about the ticker symbols you want to track and click "Continue."

Enter or edit the details that you would like to track and click "Finished."


  • You can also navigate to and click on the Finance tab on the left.