How to Set Up a Budget on QuickBooks Pro

Quickbooks Pro is a bookkeeping program used by businesses and homeowners. Besides the ease of use, the ability to set up a budget for various types of accounts in QuickBooks Pro lets users plan expenditures and income for a full year and track both to ensure that monetary goals are met. Users have the ability to set a budget for any income or expense and then view the difference between the amount budgeted and the actual dollars involved.

Open the "QuickBooks Pro" program on your computer.

Click on "Activities" from the "Text" menu at the top of the screen.

Click on "Other Activities" and then click on "Set Up Budgets."

Choose the year in which you wish to set up a budget by using the up or down arrows next to the year date displayed.

Choose the account you wish to set the budget for by using the drop-down box beneath the "Account" text.

Fill in the dollar amount you wish to spend or collect in the text boxes next to the individual months.

Use the "Fill Down" button if the amount will remain the same over the full year or specify a percentage amount of change on the "Fill Down" screen.

Click the "Save" button when all the information is entered for the chosen account.

Repeat the procedure for any additional accounts you want to set up.

Click on "Reports" from the text menu at the top of the screen.

Click on "Budget Reports" and then choose from the various reports to determine if you are remaining within budget for the assigned account.


  • You can also see a graph depicting how close the budget is compared to the actual amounts by clicking on "Reports" and then "Graphs" and choosing the "Budget Versus Actual." A graph will then be displayed on the screen.

    You can create budgets in QuickBooks Pro to track only certain accounts, certain customers or job or all income and expense accounts.