How to Get Senior Citizen or Student Discounts

You can save money merely by being the right age. Senior and student discounts apply to travel, entertainment and a host of products and services. A little digging will uncover all sorts of deals in your neighborhood, and around the world.

Call the airlines or go online to find out about discounted tickets for seniors. Bus and rail carriers also offer discounts.

Enjoy the arts on the cheap. Most movie theaters, museums and cultural events offer discounts for seniors.

Check if department stores or other retailers have special days or hours for senior discounts. Some stores offer 10 to 15 percent off during those times.

Ask about early-bird specials, senior menus or senior discounts before you order a meal at a restaurant or fast-food chain.

Explore the outdoors. For a small fee, seniors can get a Golden Age Passport, which gives them a lifetime pass to all U.S. national parks. Go to and click on "Info Zone" for details.

Contact city hall or a senior center to find local discounts, including public transportation, salons, barbers, pharmacies and grocery stores.

Join the American Association of Retired Persons ( to qualify for more senior discounts if you are 50 years old or older.

Visit and apply for an International Student ID Card (for a fee) to get student discounts on travel, hostels, entertainment, books and more.

Travel by rail through Europe using a Eurail Pass exclusively for students. See How to Get a Eurail Pass.

Be a culture hound. Theaters, museums, plays, opera and other cultural events usually offer student discounts.

Call magazines or newspapers and ask for the student rate on subscriptions.

Visit your school's student center to find out about other student discounts in your area. Some bookstores, restaurants and Internet service providers offer student discounts.

Upgrade your computer at deep discounts at university-run computer stores.


  • Always ask before you buy. Contact customer service in person or by phone or e-mail before making a large purchase; salespeople aren't always aware of senior or student discounts. Carry a photo ID with your birth date or your school ID to take advantage of discounts as you discover them. Before you use the discount, ask the salesperson if there is a lower discount available. Better deals sometimes exist through general sales or promotions.

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