How to Send Money to Italy From the US

How to Send Money to Italy From the US
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If you have friends or family members living in Italy, you might need to send them money from time to time. And if someone you know is vacationing there, you might get an emergency request for funds in the event of a lost wallet or other travel calamity. When that happens, it is important to send the money safely and securely, and to make sure it ends up in the hands of the recipient in Italy.

Get the complete name of the person to whom you are sending the money. Make sure you get the name exactly as it appears on the individual's official identification, i.e. John Q. Smith instead of John Smith.

Withdraw the cash from your bank account and keep it in a safe place until you are ready to send it. Look up the address of the closest Western Union office in your area. These offices are located in a number of places, including many discount retailers.

Take a money transfer form from the counter of the Western Union office and fill it out completely. Provide complete contact information, and the complete name, for the person who will be picking up the funds in Italy.

Walk up to the counter and hand the representative your completed money transfer form. The Western Union representative will review the document and make sure it is filled out properly.

Hand your cash to the Western Union representative to complete the transaction. Be sure to get a receipt listing the tracking number for your money transfer. You can use this tracking number to check the progress of the funds on the Western Union website.

Contact your friend or family member in Italy to make sure they received the money. If not, call Western Union immediately to begin a trace on the money.