Scottrade Tutorial

Scottrade offers a number of features on its trading platform for customers. If you're just getting started with Scottrade, all of the tools can be a bit intimidating. There are tools for performing research on stocks you are interested in, monitoring your account, customizing your home page and more.

Monitor Account

After opening an account, you need to fund it to begin trading. After funding your account, you can manage it from the online trading platform. Click the "Account" tab to view your account balance. When looking at your account, you can see how much of your money is available to buy stocks and how much can be withdrawn. If you have purchased securities, you can also see a list of the number of shares you have and the names of the securities.


Using charts help you determine when a stock is due for a move. After opening a stock's information screen, click the "Chart" button to display the stock's one-year chart. You can zoom in, zoom out, activate trendlines, display indicators, change the time frame of the chart displayed and a number of other options. You can also display splits, dividends and other major activities associated with the stock.

Custom Home Page

Scottrade lets you customize your home page depending on your preferences. You can create tables that show specific stock charts you want to keep an eye on, tables showing your account information, recent stock market news and tables that show your recent orders. After creating a table, you can drag and drop it anywhere on the screen. Created tables let you completely change the look of your home screen so that it gives you the information you need.


When you are ready to buy a stock, you can get quotes before placing the order. Scottrade gives you two different options to get quotes. One option is to get a detailed quote by entering the stock symbol in the "Detailed Quote" box on your home screen. The other option is to get a quick quote. To get a quick quote, enter the ticker symbol you want more information about in the "Quick Quote" on the left side of the home screen.