How to Save $20 a Day

How to Save $20 a Day
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Ever wonder how much money you would have if you saved $20 a day? To save $20, you will have to restrict yourself to a certain degree, as if you were on a financial "diet." Instead of counting calories, you will count dollars and cents. Like those who overeat, many people overspend on items that are not needed to function normally or live comfortably.

Write down a list of what you spent yesterday. Break it down into food and retail categories. These generally are the top two easily adjustable expenses.

Look at when and where you eat your meals. If you are an on-the-go person, you probably purchase food throughout your day and eat out often. If you eat three meals a day out, this easily can add up to at least $20 dollars.

Rather than eating breakfast out, get in the habit of making breakfast sandwiches ahead of time. Breakfast sandwich ingredients are cheap but are inflated in price at fast-food restaurants, so get your money's worth at a grocery store.

For lunch, buy a large portion of an item so that you have leftovers for dinner or the next day's lunch. Splitting a meal into two meals will save you 50 percent. Never waste food because you are full; save the rest for later.

Review your retail purchases. For each item, ask yourself if it made you a more efficient and/or happy person? For those purchases that you answered "no," consider them your "junk food." Those items are usually something that you wanted, not needed, and your financial health probably would be better without them.

Avoid using a credit card for everyday retail purchases. Even if an item is on sale or a great deal, it's probably not worth it to put yourself into debt. This will allow you to avoid paying interest-rate charges.

Also, using a credit card can make it feel as though you are not spending because there is no physical currency involved in the transaction. Use cash and you likely will be surprised at how much less you spend.

Make saving $20 tomorrow easier by investing the $20 you saved today. Deposit your daily savings into some form of a savings account and watch your money grow as you accumulate interest.