What Is ROTC?

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The Reserve Officers' Training Corps-- JROTC for high schoolers -- is a program at college that teaches leadership skills, ultimately resulting in you earning a commission as an officer in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps.

How It Works

ROTC is an elective program taken along with standard college courses. Part of the ROTC curriculum includes physical fitness, leadership classes and field training. Full-time college students of good character, meeting medical and physical requirements, are allowed to join. ROTC programs offer scholarships for two to four years, including full tuition and a monthly stipend. Completion of college and the ROTC program requires a commitment to join a branch of the military, starting out as an officer. Each service branch has its own program and options of its own, such as 3- or 4-year programs. Stipends such as funds for living expenses are also available even for students who do not receive scholarships. Funding options vary based on the selected ROTC program.


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