How to Reset Pin Codes on a Credit Card

How to Reset Pin Codes on a Credit Card
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Credit card technology involves a PIN code instead of requiring a signature to complete a transaction. With a new chip terminal at the checkout and a chip-enabled credit card, a PIN code is the key to using your credit card because the transaction will not complete without it. If you need to reset your credit card PIN, most lenders make this a simple process.

Find the customer service telephone number for your credit card company or bank. Locate your account number prior to making the call to ensure that you can provide it to the representative when asked.

Inform the customer service representative that you wish to change your PIN for your credit card. Provide account credentials to prove your ownership of the account.

Give the new PIN to the representative. There may be limitations on the PIN you can select, for security purposes. For example, the bank might prevent you from selecting the same number for all four digits and the bank may not allow consecutive numbers, according Capital One.

Write down the PIN and keep it in a safe place if you need to remind yourself of the number. Do not carry the PIN with you in your wallet, however, because this could give a thief access to your credit card.

Ask the account representative about the process of using your credit card for the first time after changing the PIN. You may need to enter the old PIN one final time for your next transaction for security purposes before your account changes over to the new PIN.


  • Changing your PIN regularly can be a security precaution, according to the Bank of Montreal.

    If your bank’s website offers PIN-changing services, log in to your account online and change your PIN independently. Some banks might not offer telephone assistance for changing a credit card PIN. In this case, you might need to make the request and then wait for your new PIN by mail.