How to Request a Farming Sales Tax Exemption

Folks in the agricultural/farming business have sales tax exemptions available to help them in running their business. Called farming sale tax exemptions, these tax breaks are allowed on things like equipment used in farming, some personal property, land and more. Whether you're a farmer or rancher, it's wise to take advantage of the tax breaks.

Visit the Tax and Finance Department website for your state to determine if you qualify for the sales tax exemption. If you don't have internet access, call them to request the information.

Locate and download the appropriate farming sales tax exemption form once you've determined that you are eligible for the farming sales tax exemption. If you are having a difficult time in locating it on the website, it's best to call for assistance. You don't want to download and complete the incorrect form. Be sure to download the appropriate instructions if the instructions are not part of the farming sales tax exemption form in your state.

Complete the tax exemption form and present it to a retailer when purchasing items that are tax exempt.

Always keep a copy of your farming sales tax exemption form on file. You may need it later when it comes to filing taxes.


  • In some states there is a generic sales tax exemption form for which you must insert a check in the box for farmers. Other states have a specific Farming sales tax exemption form. Some states call the form a certificate. Contact your state's Tax and Finance Department if you require additional help.

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