How to Report Tax Fraud in New York State

Tax fraud costs honest taxpayers a large amount each year, as state departments of revenue must raise taxes to cover the cost of under-reporting, nonpayment and other fraudulent activity. In New York, you can report fraud using a variety of media. Fraud reporting helps keep taxes down and ensures everyone pays their share. All reports are confidential, and you can report anonymously if you are concerned about retribution from a tax evader.

Fill out a confidential report form online at the website for the New York State Department of Revenue. You may report either an individual or business. Provide specific details about the fraudulent activity and how you know about it. If you wish, you may give your name and phone number so the NYDOR can contact you about the issue.

Call the New York Department of Revenue at 518-457-0578 to report fraud. Provide as much detail about the fraudulent activity as you know. You can report anonymously or leave your name and number.

Send a letter to the New York Department of Revenue reporting the fraudulent activity. Keep in mind that this method may be less secure than other methods, as mailed letters bear a postmark indicating where they were mailed from and mail can be unreliable.


  • All reports are treated as confidential by the NYDOR.