Does Renters Insurance Cover a Cracked Plasma TV Screen?

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The plasma television that's big enough to have its own zip code was once the centerpiece of your living room. Now it's just expensive wall art because the screen has a huge crack in it. No worries, though. You have a renters insurance policy and all you have to do is file a claim. You'll soon be watching your favorite shows again -- provided your policy specifically covers it.

The Short Answer: It Depends

Personal property provisions of most renters insurance policies cover your belongings against a standard list of perils, things like fire, falling objects, hail or theft. Damages from anything that's not on the list isn't covered. Coverage for that cracked screen depends on how the damage happened. If someone broke into your apartment and took a baseball bat to your TV, it will probably be covered. If one of your friends accidentally knocked it off the wall during a party, you could be out of luck. Call your agent and she'll be able to tell you whether you're covered.