Does Renter's Insurance Cover Bedbug Infestation?

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Bedbug infestation is typically regarded by most states and insurance companies as a maintenance issue and not a covered insurance peril, according to a September 2010 article in "The Washington Post." Therefore, most property insurances, including renter's and homeowner's policies, don't provide coverage for bedbugs. This makes infestations expensive for renters to deal with. If furnishings must be replaced or the property vacated to fumigate, those costs usually won't be covered.

More Information

Bedbugs generally fall under the maintenance category and treated like properties infested by cockroaches or other vermin, which insurance would not cover. Some cities, including New York City, have implemented laws that require landlords to inform new renters about the presence of bedbugs within the last year. This protective measure is a bit of a help given that renters generally wouldn't uncover a bedbug until they move in. You should always ask a potential landlord whether bedbugs have been a problem.