How to Remove Your Name From a Cosigned Automobile

Co-signing on an automobile is a risky proposition. Many parents co-sign for adult children buying their first new car after college. Some people even co-sign for friends or co-workers. The result can be disastrous because lenders fully expect the co-signer to pay the full balance on the loan if the primary borrower defaults. Options for removing your name as a co-signer on an auto loan are extremely limited.

Monitor the payments on the loan. This does not remove your name as a co-signer but could alert you to possible financial trouble for the co-signer. Or you may discover that the co-signer seems to be doing fine financially and there is no hurry to have your name removed from the loan. Contact the bank to ask how you can receive updates on the loan as the co-signer.

Convince the co-signer to refinance the loan into his name only. This is the only way the bank is going to let you out of the loan. The bank has no incentive to remove you as a co-signer unless the primary borrower is capable of qualifying for a refinancing on his own.

File for bankruptcy. This is obviously an extreme measure and should be avoided unless you have other pressing financial problems as well. Filing for bankruptcy will strip away your obligation as co-signer on all debts.