How to Remove a California Tax Lien

According to the California Franchise Tax Board, a tax lien in California is a legal claim on your property to secure a debt. Liens are filed because the property owner owes unpaid taxes to the state. It is important to get liens removed because this information can damage your credit and prevent you from making any transactions with the property.

Determine if the lien is valid or was taken out in error. According to the California Franchise Tax Board if the lien was recorded in error, the board will send a lien release to your county and notify credit reporting bureaus of the error.

Pay or resolve the money owed on a valid lien to get it removed. This is the only way to get a lien that is not an error removed. According to the California Franchise Tax Board, once the debt has been paid or resolved, the tax board will send a lean release to the California Secretary of State or county recorder wherever the lien was recorded or filed.

Follow up with the credit bureaus, county recorder and secretary of state to make sure the lien was removed. This is especially important for liens that were taken out in error, so that it is not on your credit report. For valid liens it is important for you to contact the credit bureaus to let them know it has been resolved to expedite the removal of the information from your credit report.


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